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Golf Lessons in New England

Now is the perfect time to make some significant improvement in your Golf Game.  Great fundamentals lead to more consistency, more club head speed, a better short game, and fewer putts.  

I use some of the best technology available to identify areas for improvement and accurately measure your progress.  Equipment includes – Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate.  You stand on this plate when swinging and it measures both the pressures (balance plate) and three-dimensional ground reaction forces (left to right, rotational, & vertical) acting between your feet and the ground. Trackman, SAM PuttLab, HackMotion (3D motion sensor), Blast Motion, and Video.

  • Science and Motion Certified Putting Instructor
  • U.S. Kids Certified Coach

Adult and Junior lesson packages are available.

Lesson Rates


30 Minute Adult Lesson
1 Hour Adult Lesson
90 Minute Adult Lesson
5 - 1 Hour Lessons
10 - 1 Hour Lessons
20 - 1 Hour Lessons

Juniors - Age 17 & Under

30 Minute Lesson
1 Hour Lesson
5 - 30 Minute Lessons
5 - 1 Hour Lessons